2008 Full Residency Package
Dear Doctor,

Thank you for your interest in FMG America.  We counsel foreign medical graduates (FMGs)
on gaining placement in a domestic residency program.  While the full
Residency Package is
tailored for most of our client's needs with a discounted rate, we also can provide each service
individually for those applicants with more specific needs.  Our services include

-Helping you secure a valuable accredited hands-on clinical externship or research position
up to one year in length for the same low initial residency package fee
. The chief reason
that most FMGs do not match into a residency is because they lack American  letters of
recommendation evidencing crucial domestic clinical work experience in the United States.  
Unfortunately, observerships are usually a waste of effort and money because they do  not offer
the necessary practical hands-on experience that residency directors are looking for.    In a
resume and interview, residency directors want to know that you did more than just watch
someone else  work with patients.  Additionally, residency directors are frequently not
comfortable with FMGs that do not have hands-on experience interacting in the American work
environment with American patients.  
FMG America is the best way to secure placement in a
prestigious externship program because of our nationwide network of accredited U.S. programs
and physicians.   These training plans can last from three months to a year and are quite
prominent. Plus there are no weekly or monthly added charges.  The U.S. physician/program  
that you will be working  with will write  you an
American Letter of Recommendation after
the completion of your assignment, upon satisfaction.  This is why our past clients have had an
extremely high rate of success in their applications to U.S. hospital residency programs.  It is also
never to late to sign  up for a U.S. externship, even if you have already applied to programs
through ERAS.  When it  is time to finally interview or Scramble, if you can talk to the residency
director about a new clinical experience, your chances of being set apart from your competition
greatly improve.  Too many FMG applicants make the mistake of leaving the Matching process
to chance.  Even altering  your ERAS application or calling and e-mailing programs that you have
already applied to with this new prominent resume boosting update is often the best way for
program directors to set your name apart from the thousands who apply.  

-Reviewing and editing your
resume, credentials, thank you letters, cover letters and
.  Our peer review department professionally augments and supplements all of your

-Providing you with an
interview package book, with tips and hundreds of
practice questions for the interview process.  And, most importantly, you will participate in
multiple live
mock interviews with professional U.S. trainers who know what the residency
directors are looking for.  As well, we will help to write and edit
your thank you letters,      
which are crucial to send to the program directors immediately after you interview with them.

-Tailoring your two
personal statements for an American audience, with your specific goals in
mind.  This is an aspect that is frequently overlooked by FMGs.  Many U.S. program directors
want to understand the goals and motives of the applicant, and we help you crystallize this  
segment of the application.  Most U.S. residency program directors make their decisions as to
whom to interview based on an FMGs personal statements, since many FMGs all have similar
USMLE scores.  Having your statement read as if an American wrote it is of paramount

-Helping you choose the right hospitals and programs that meet your needs and interests, through
ERAS.  This will let you save time and worry.  There are hundreds of different  programs in a
myriad of specialties across all regions of the country, and our goal is to place    you in the best
environment possible.  Simply buying FMG friendly lists after lists is useless and often are
incomplete and are misguiding.  Relying on these lists too often mislead applicants into wasting
extra money in
ERAS application fees with programs that are not best suited for their unique
needs.  Not to mention, these lists are all generally identical in their basic requirements, therefore
cause all who purchase them to focus their
ERAS choices on too many of the same programs.

-Allocating to you a
personal client counselor who is available to you for the entirety of    the
process.  We specifically link you with a U.S. medical professional and program expert who can
help shepherd you through the routine.  You will be provided with their personal phone number
and contact information.  We are committed to making this process as simple and successful as
possible, and your counselor will help serve as a continuing analyst on your behalf.

-Completing the entire
48-Hour SCRAMBLE and Post-Match for those of you who do not
obtain a fast Match.  This will help you save money and time, and our
SCRAMBLE process
helps you to avoid questionable web based programs and other services.  We work in conjunction
with the
FAST (FMG Advanced Scramble Technology) which is unparalleled in terms of the
Post-Match process.

You can pay for each service individually in other ways beyond
FMG America, but that would
be considerably more expensive and unreliable.  Externships not accredited through
can cost upwards of $6000 if you pay a few hundred dollars per week.  With FMG
you pay a single reduced base fee that covers all of your residency needs.  To further
explain how
FMG America works, we have a full refund policy that 100% guarantee that you
will either be accepted into a residency program initially, or have a U.S. clinical hands-on
externship available for you to participate in or you will receive a full refund for all of your
externship fees.

FMG America is the professional leader in assisting FMGs worldwide and we are proud of our
global reputation.  Our objective is to make the entire application and placement process more
convenient and fluid for you.  As you are likely aware, many FMGs who embark on this    
process on their own without knowing all of the necessary components to work on never place
into any programs.  In addition, FMGs spend so much wasted money on lawyers, ERAS, plane
tickets, worthless observerships, program lists, hotels etc...but,
FMG America offers you  an
excellent alternative.  FMGs choose to work with us because, in sum total, we save them so  
much wasted money, effort, time and energy.  Our experience, reliable professional service,
reasonable pricing, reputation and strict confidentiality are part of our mandate to aid FMGs   
like you.  Our specialty is working for FMGs from all over the globe.

We have very high success rates, mostly because our network of client counselors are prior
FMGs and program directors themselves and are dedicated to helping their FMG successors.  
Nothing is more important than that dedication and experience working on your behalf.  To
obtain further information regarding our value-added services, the first step to your success is
faxing us all of your relevant documentation and biographical information at
Please include the following information in your response:

-Personal Statement
-ECFMG Certification
-USMLE score reports
-U.S. visa status
-Phone number and current address
-U.S. letters of recommendation
-List of past U.S. clinical experience if applicable
-Professional looking passport sized photograph      

In summary, FMG America is looking forward to helping you on your journey.  There are  
many pitfalls and difficulties with placement to the finest U.S. residency programs, and we aim   
to facilitate every step of the process.  We believe that now is an excellent time for you to   
benefit from our services.  

We advise that you contact us as soon as possible to help start you on your voyage.           
Thereafter, we will send you a full contract that protects your rights and confidentiality.  We   
take great pride in our reputation amongst our global peers, and wish to strengthen the
international medical community through our diversification arrangements.

Thank you very much for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

phone# 646-519-7440
fax#- 917-591-3124
email- information@fmgamerica.com


FMG America has client counselors whom are constantly traveling all over the globe,
encountering numerous invaluable medical clinics and dedicated physicians, of which many of our
past and present clients have been fortunate enough to have taken part in. As an institution for
FMGs, we feel that it is vitally important to contribute back to the field in which we endeavor.  
Here is just a sampling of the many wonderful organizations that contribute generously to the
global community of physicians helping the needy.


-In 2003, the number of foreign medical graduates accepted into residencies increased

-According to the AAMC in the 2003 Match (for residency programs beginning in July
2003), ACGME-accredited programs offered 20,908 Post Graduate Year 1 (PGY1)
positions.  Of the 7,016 foreign medical graduates who were active participants in the
2003 Match, 3,884 or 55% were matched to PGY1 positions.  

-There were 15,237 U.S. medical graduates in 2004, and there were 23,704 total
residency positions available in the United States NRMP residency match, that means
that the difference of 8,467 spots were available to the 15,903 independent applicants
including FMGs.
We ensure U.S. medical placement for all qualified candidates.
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